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The economies of Balkans and Eastern Europe countries have almost completed a course of two decades with significant changes in their characteristics and their adaptation in the new economic environment. This course has fore grounded significant difficulties, has highlighted the particular problems that the countries of the particular region should face, and it has led to different sates and patterns of growth and enhancement of the economies.

The objectives of the conference are to discuss and evaluate the results of the economic policy that have been applied during the last two decades, to suspend the prospect challenges and to investigate the policies in the sector of economy which are considered necessary, so that the countries to be integrated getting as much benefit as possible.

Papers which will be accepted in the conference have to be related to the wider domain of economic science with the match of events in the wider region of South-Eastern Europe being the point of discussing.



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Track: Institutional Environment and Political Risk in IB

Track Chair: Johannes Leitner, Hannes Meissner; UAS bfi Vienna, Austria

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This track invites theoretical and empirical research papers that explore the interplay of the institutional and political environment with international businesses that operate under these conditions. Political risks that emerge of the particular institutional constellation of a country should be taken into account. Regarding the business environment of Black Sea Region, (BSR) countries, the Balkans and Eastern European Countries, international companies face specific risks. A major source of political risk is informal practices and institutions coexisting, competing and interacting with formal state institutions. Especially encouraged are therefore papers that analyze organizational coping strategies in response to the specific political risks that are identified under a certain institutional and political arrangement, as well as those researching different levels of analysis (i.e. organizational, sub-regional, country and regional). Indicative research questions include: How does the specific institutional and political constellation shape entry strategies of organizations? Which political risks emerge of a specific institutional and political constellation? How do organizations manage a specific set of political risks in a country? How do organizations react to institutional ambiguity? How do home-country institutions assist the internationalization process of an organization into the BSR/EE/Balkan Region?


Keywords: Balkan Region, Black Sea Region, Business Environment, Coping Strategies, Corruption, Crony Capitalism, Eastern Europe, Entry Strategies, Favoritism, Formal and Informal Institutions, Institutional Ambiguity, Institutional Environment, Internationalization, International Business, International Companies, Political Environment, Political Risk

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